Saturday, April 29, 2017

Zoos - Blogging from A to Z Challenge

I want to thank everyone who visited my blog during this challenge. Your comments were very encouraging and they were such a highlight of my days.

I hope you continue to follow along during the year if you found what I wrote interesting and you enjoyed reading the posts.

Hope you have a great weekend!


This year for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I'm focusing on going through my homeschooling files that I've created from the time that Sophia and Olivia were in preschool.

Some of the files are still relevant while others I will be decluttering and recycling in the process. Each day during April, I will pick one of the files to focus on - either doing a hands-on activity or sharing some information from one of the files.

For the 26th and final day - Letter Z - I am focusing on Zoos.


The file I had about zoos included handouts and lesson plans from the Minnesota Zoo. One of the handouts focused on the Northern Trail - which we went on in March (last month) for a 4-H field trip.

Some of the animals we saw and information about them follows:


Watching the bison on March 16, 2017.

- Usually found in herds, which may be quite large.
- Most often travel at a walk, but they are quick to respond and can travel very fast over rough terrain for extremely long distances.
- They wallow or roll in the dust or mud. This protects them from  biting insects found in their habitat.
- They usually eat prairie grasses until late morning and then will lie and chew cud during the hot afternoon hours.

Bactrian Camels

Camels on March 16, 2017.

- Usually congregates in small herds of females and calves, and one male.
- Long eyelashes and closeable nostrils are great adaptations for the cold windy climate of the Asian steppe.
- The humps contain fat, not water. These fat stores are useful in times when food is scarce.


Caribou that we saw on March 16, 2017.

- Live in small herds.
- They have a tendon in their legs that clicks when they walk.
- During blizzard conditions or high winds, this clicking sound helps keep the herd together.


I didn't take a photo of the moose at the Minnesota Zoo.
So, I found this photo of Sophia and Olivia
by a male and female moose at a wildlife sanctuary.
This was taken during our trip to New England.
(Taken on September 9, 2011.)

- The largest of the deer family.
- Usually solitary.
- Young calves may live with their mom for 1-2 years before they go out on their own.

Prairie Dogs

Two of the prairie dogs we saw on March 16, 2017.

- Live in family groups called cateries.
- When two prairie dogs meet, they touch mouths with their mouths open and teeth bared.
- Traditionally bison would use prairie dog mounds for "dust bathing."


In the process of going through the single file that I had that began with "Z," I recycled 1 bag of clippings and photocopies. This brings the total number of bags of recycling to 20!

It feels good to have so much more space in my homeschooling files; and have only the information and ideas that we will be using during the upcoming year.


Unknown said...

20 bags for recycling! What an achievement!
AS usual, even this post was engaging!
Congratulations for completing the #AtoZChallenge with flying colurs, or may i say, lighter and cleaner files!

Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
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Anonymous said...

Love the idea of blogging and then discarding old files. I'd like to declutter my craft room, maybe I could do that for next year's challenge ... we'll see, declutter my way through the alphabet. Well done on completing the challenge. I have bookmarked your site to visit over the next month once the writing commitment to the challenge has finished. Take care :) Linda
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Pamela said...

Sophia took part in a Zoo School activity at a local zoo when we were homeschooling. It was great to go behind the scenes. See you at HHM!

SENCO Cat Herder said...

Such a good idea to have a clear out but reflect on what you were recycling. I know only to well as an educator how much stuff you accumulate in order to make lessons fun :) Congratulations on finishing the A-Z and I'm sure to be back for more of what you do during the year!
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