Monday, May 30, 2016

Tour of Franconia Sculpture Park with 4-H

Earlier this month our 4-H club went to Franconia Sculpture Park to see the sculptures and do an activity.

We had many participants for the field trip, and the group was divided by age. Sophia and Olivia were in the 4th-9th grade group.

We went on a tour to see various sculptures.

The favorite ones were ones that were interactive - like the one below where the kids could jump off. Olivia is in the process of jumping off the sculpture.

We learned a lot about the sculptures. This one is a suspended house and underneath it is a pond. It is ever-evolving which is interesting. I've never noticed the pond or how it has changed throughout the years.

We were able to see works-in-progress.

We liked the beautiful fabric "sails" of the sculpture. It reminded us of constellations.

Everything is done on a large scale.

The sculptures are interesting in that sometimes the place where you are standing doesn't give the complete picture. By moving a few feet, you can see another very different view of the same sculpture which gives it new meaning.

After we were done, the youth were able to make mobiles. Olivia used various types of wires to make her creation.

Sophia worked with three other youth to create a sculpture that also used wire.

Afterwards, the 4-Hers played on the sculptures which was fun.

It has been great seeing friendships developing throughout the year between the youth - many of whom would never have met one another had it not been for the 4-H club.