Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Whipped Running Stitch - Week 38

The 38th week for Take a Stitch Tuesday was supposed to be the drizzle stitch. The stitch requires threading and unthreading the needle; looping the thread around one's finger; and re-threading the needle to create a stitch similar to the cast-on stitch that I learned a few weeks ago.

Just looking at the stitch, I know that I will never use it. It sits up from the fabric - like a little caterpillar...but not as cute. The stitch seems more work than it's worth, particularly since I don't create a lot of underwater scenes or images of coral with my embroidery (both are common ways the stitch is used).

Instead, I looked at some embroidery websites and found an easy stitch that I could see using in a decorative way with quilting and embroidered items I make. It's called the whipped running stitch.

Whipped Running Stitch.

In contrast to the drizzle stitch, the whipped running stitch is very basic. It's a good stitch for people who are learning how to embroider or who are looking for easy stitches to do that don't require a lot of concentration.

At this point of the year, I need basic, easy things. Nothing complicated. I want to do stitches that I know I will enjoy doing in the future. The whipped running stitch is definitely one of those type of stitches.

As with other weeks, I created a two-page journal entry with personal reflection, list of things for which I'm grateful, the name of the stitch, and images that reflect the happenings of the week. The images and what they represent include:

=> Two doves - autumn is a challenging time period so this is a reminder to take care of myself and seek peaceful activities and thoughts.
=> Cat stamp - ties into one of the things I'm grateful for relates to the pets.
=> Pegasus constellation stamp - reminds me Thursday morning when I sat outside for about 45 minutes; and enjoyed the constellations and planet in the eastern sky.
=> Bird stamp - some of the birds are now migrating south, but the birds that stay here during the winter are visiting the feeders and bird bath more that the weather is getting chillier.
=> Flowers - the annuals that are by the back door are still so colorful and pretty. I'd like to plant annuals there again. It has been so nice to see a lot of bright colors each time I go in and out of the door; or let the dogs outside and bring them back inside again.


Rita said...

This one does look a little easier.
Your book is so cool! :)

Queeniepatch said...

Good for you to select your own TASt stitch! Embroidery should be enjoyable!