Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Favorite Plays and Concerts

When I was growing up, my parents took me to a few plays at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. A couple I remember were "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Fiddler on the Roof." Both were very well done.

However, the main thing I remember was being able to spend time with my parents doing something very special - going out to dinner and seeing a play together.

As a parent, some of the favorite concerts I have attended with Sophia and Olivia have been at the Minnesota Orchestra.

Minnesota Orchestra
The Minnesota Orchestra.
This is "The Tin Forest" concert we attended.
(Taken on November 10, 2011.)

They do a special student program in which the orchestra plays several pieces and explains parts of them. They also have a visual element to enhance the experience for the children (e.g., dance, large-scale puppetry).

Concert at Orchestra Hall
This is the holiday concert at Orchestra Hall called "Sleigh Ride." 
People/puppets from 
In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater 
performed while the orchestra played. 
 It's from the dream scene in Hansel and Gretel.
(Taken on December 2, 2010.)

These concerts have been a wonderful addition to homeschooling, and provide insight into the musical compositions and instruments that I could never provide for Sophia and Olivia. Having the conductor explain what we are listening to and for has been an invaluable education not only for the girls, but for me.

Girls at the Minnesota Orchestra
Saw the "Percussion Spectacular" at the Minnesota Orchestra. 
 This was the first visit for the girls to the Minnesota Orchestra, and 
they really enjoyed it.
(Taken on October 21, 2009.)

Going to the Minnesota Orchestra over the past few years have provided experiences that the girls and I will remember for years to come.

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Anna Murphy said...

I remember my mother taking me to concerts when I was a kid. I actually got to play violin in the Junior Orchestra. What an experience. Your girls are really getting an education not to be found in most schools.