Saturday, September 15, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Days 8-15

For the 30 Days of Lists, I've completed days 8-15. Here's what the pages look like:

Day 8: Out My Front Door.

The labels say:
=> Lots of birds.
=> The dogs playing.
=> Colorful leaves.
=> A place to learn, play, and explore.
=> At times, I see small airplanes flying overhead.
=> Hundreds of trees.
=> Giant ragweed.
=> Star, constellations, and planets at night.
=> A see hummingbirds and butterflies at the feeder and garden.

Day 9: Today You Can Find Me

The labels say:
=> Thinking about the holidays...
=> What does Halloween look like as we celebrate it on our own?
=> How can I honor the memory of  Dad at Thanksgiving?
=> What traditions are the most important ones to keep?
=> When should I present the legacy gifts to everyone - before or after Christmas?
=> What type of service projects will we be involved with this year?

I am at My Best When - Day 10 - 30 Days of Lists
Day 10: I am at my best when...

The labels say:
=> I'm surrounded with views of nature.
=> I'm not hungry or thirsty.
=> I get enough sleep.
=> The dogs and cats are near me.
=> I can share my skills and knowledge.
=> Things are quiet and peaceful.
=> I'm working on my own, and not for someone else.

Favorite Scents and Smells - Day 11 - 30 Days of Lists
Day 11: Favorite Scents and Smells

The labels say:
=> Lavender
=> Vanilla
=> Sandalwood
=> Patchouli
=> Peonies
=> Roses
=> Tangerines
=> Lilacs
=> Scents that remind me of... dad - C.O. Bigelow Barber: Elixir Blue mom - Maja by Myrurgia
...My grandpa - Old Spice
...My grandma - Roses

Fictional Places I'd Like to Live - Day 12 - 30 Days of Lists

Day 12: Fictional Places I'd Like to Live

The labels say:
=> Shangri-La
=> Atlantis
=> Roxaboxen
=> Pooh Corner
=> WIlly Wonka's Chocolate Factory
=> Noisy Village
=> The North Pole
=> The Emerald City

Dinner Party Invitees - Day 13 - 30 Days of Lists
Day 13: Dinner Party Invitees

The labels say:
=> My entire family - those living and those no longer with us.
=> Henry David Thoreau
=> Harriet Tubman
=> Clara Barton
=> Eleanor Roosevelt
=> Ghandi
=> Mother Theresa
=> Jesus
=> Buddha
=> George Washington
=> Abraham Lincoln
=> Barack Obama
=> C.S. Lewis
=> Astrid Lindgren
=> Maya Angelou
=> Princess Diana
=> Lucille Ball
=> Laura Ingalls Wilder
=> Amelia Earhart
=> Charlie Chaplin
=> Mozart
=> Sting
=> Bono
=> Audrey Hepburn
=> Meryl Streep
=> Katharine Hepburn

I Know I am Getting Older When - Day 14 - 30 Days of Lists
Day 14: I Know I am Getting Older When

The labels say:
=> My hair is mostly gray in the front.
=> Words I intend to say come out as something else.
=> I've known people for decades not just years.
=> I can get so tired...and every once in a while going to bed at 8 p.m. and sleeping until 5 a.m. is necessary to function.
=> I look at something and can't remember the word for it.
=> Older family members are dying - leaving me as the "next in line."
=> I believe the music I listened to as a teen and in college was more complex and better written than what is being produced now.
=> I hear myself say, "When I was your age...."
=> I can remember NOT having:
...a microwave
...color t.v.
...air conditioning in the house or car
....power windows on the car
....a cell phone
....a personal computer or laptop

(As a side note, this has been my least favorite list to do. A couple of the labels are things that I have been thinking about recently that have been bothering me - like the trouble with finding the right words for things as well as thinking a word and I say a completely different word. It's moderately troubling given that my dad died of Alzheimer's Disease in January and my uncle just passed away from Alzheimer's Disease about a week ago.)

I Know I am Young at Heart When - Day 15 - 30 Days of Lists
Day 15: I Know I am Young at Heart When...

The labels say:
=> I went on the seesaw with Sophia and Olivia.
=> I enjoy seeing my childhood toys.
=> I made a miniature snowman on Leap Day.
=> I love seeing fireflies in the backyard.
=> I am easily entertained by the pets.
=> I play in the snow and make forts with them. (The "them" I am referring to means Sophia and Olivia.)


Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

It's so interesting to read lists that make me pause and think and I like that! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment so that I could visit with you as well.

Rita said...

These must have been such fun to do! :) :)

Lisa said...

I just saw your dinner guests list and had to smile -- I have to finish my list, but it includes Laura Ingalls Wilder, Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn too.

Diane said...

Very clever idea and enlightening too... would make kind of a neat Christmas gift for someone.. some personalized lists.... hmmm... lots of inspiration.
Thanks for posting.. found you on IMM blog hop.

The Paper Princess said...

Enjoying your lists... keep inspiring!

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