Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am a Lister Because... - 30 Days of Lists - Day 1

One of the projects I'm doing for the next thirty days is 30 Days of Lists

I'll be doing this challenge as well as some of the prompts from the Autumn Blog Challenge as a way to create some legacy gifts for Sophia and Olivia. 

Both the girls have been interested in what I write and create in the Take a Stitch Tuesday journal I'm keeping this year, so I began writing specifically for them back in June through the Summer Blog Challenge. 

The 30 Days of Lists is a more visual, quicker way to write my thoughts. The entries I'll be doing for the Autumn Blog Challenge will have more pictures that will tie into what I write (just like I did for the Summer Blog Challenge) - in contrast to the 30 Days of Lists which will not have photographs on the pages the book itself.

The first prompt is "I am a Lister Because..." and here's what my pages look like:

If my reading isn't legible, this is what I wrote:
=> It keeps me focused and moving forward.
=> I can use lots of different colors of markers.
=> If I go to a grocery store without one, I'll end up leaving with things I don't need.
=> Lists help me remember everything I need to do.
=> I like to see things crossed off a list.
=> With parenting, caregiving, taking care of pets, homeschooling, and running a home, I need to keep everything running smoothly. 
=> I can look back on lists I've kept and remember a particular time of my life.
=> It gives me a sense of accomplishment.


Megan Anderson said...

We've got a lot of reasons in common! I love the one about the grocery store: that's so true for me as well! Without a list, I'll buy a bunch of things I don't need, but I'll forget a lot of things I DO need!

Rita said...

I'm a lister, too, so I agree! I like that it looks like you are making journal pages for this. :)

Melissa Say What? said...

Lists: Can't live with them, can't live without them!

scarlet jent said...

i forgot all about grocery lists! maybe i would spend less money if i stuck to one ;)