Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Pistil Stitch - Week 37

The 37th week for Take a Stitch Tuesday features the pistil stitch. The stitch essentially is a French knot with a tail. I had delayed learning this stitch because I thought it would complicated. French knots are not my strongest embroidery skill.

Yet, for some reason, the pistil stitch is an easy stitch to learn and do. It lends itself well to flowers as well as tails of birds or feathers on top of a quail's head.

Close-up of the three flowers I did using the pistil stitch.
The background is wool felt; and 
the flowers are done with cotton embroidery floss.

I chose to do a trio of flowers using the pistil stitch. Although I normally do two different small samplers, I am   - most likely - going to do only one from this point forward.

Even though the samplers are small, learning a new stitch takes some time and now that homeschooling has resumed for the new school year, my time is limited. I would rather do one sampler and stay on schedule than do two and fall behind.

As with other weeks, I created a two-page journal entry with personal reflection, list of things for which I'm grateful, the name of the stitch, and images that reflect the happenings of the week.

The corgi and stamps represent my dad. His favorite dog was a corgi, and we had two of them when I was a child. Collecting stamps was something my dad introduced me to, and I have passed along stamp collecting as a hobby to Sophia and Olivia.

The two leaves represent the changing colors I'm seeing. The maples and sumacs are my favorites - with their orange and red leaves.

I'm finding that my stash of images to add to my journal is diminishing. That was one of the goals of doing the embroidery journal (to use up what I had on hand). Although I would like to have a wider variety of images and things to work is nice to be using up supplies rather than just having them sit on a shelf. Eventually, this will create more space in the closet which will be good.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Very nicely done pistil stitch flowers :)

Jo said...

Lovely stitching. I found it a wonderful stitch once I got going.