Saturday, June 2, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Knotted Cretan Stitch - Week 22

This week for Take a Stitch Tuesday, the featured stitch is the knotted cretan stitch. It's similar to the cretan stitch, which I learned earlier in the year, with the exception of making a knot at the end of each stitch.

Because I was learning this stitch, I drew four parallel lines, with a water-soluble marker, onto the Aida cloth before starting. This helped identify where the needle was placed.

I did two small samples of the stitch. The second sampler I made has two rows of the stitches staggered on top of one another. There are orange cross-stitches and gold arrows with a line at the end of each stitch. I prefer this one over the first one I did.

The sampler pictured above (with the red stitching between the two sections) was the first attempt at learning the knotted cretan stitch. I did the orange one first and felt the spacing was a bit on the wide side. So I put less space between the stitches in the purple row.

The embroidered pieces went into my journal along with a personal reflection and list of items/people for which I'm grateful.  I added some images that would remind me of the week as I look back on my journal in the future.

This week for images I chose a hummingbird (which I'm seeing daily at the hummingbird feeder), dragonfly (again, which I see daily), and a tiny person under flowers.

That last image represents working in the flower gardens - weeding them, creating pathways, and adding some new new perennials and annuals.

By the back door, I put two little wooden birdhouses on the ground, created some stick sculptures, added a small campfire ring with pinecone benches, and a couple of flowers. Bought some more annuals, and then Sophia picked out and planted ones she wanted to add to the little "village."

Olivia suggested some miniature trees (which would be a great addition). It would be nice to add now so that when winter comes the "village" still has some visual interest. Now we just need to find a place that specializes in miniature plants plants and shrubs.


Rita said...

I like the doubled up one, too. Quite festive! Nice page spread again. :)

Queeniepatch said...

The knotted Cretan is good to combine with other stitches. I like the yellow cross stitch combination.