Sunday, June 24, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Cable Chain Stitch - Week 25

This week for Take a Stitch Tuesday, the featured stitch is the cable chain stitch. It was one that I did not know prior to this weekly challenge; and I enjoyed learning how to do this stitch.

For the first little sampler, I varied the length of the chain - 3, 4, and 5 spaces. I think I like the one that has the 5 spaces (the biggest loop).

For the second sampler, I made a tic-tac-toe board. It was a reminder to myself about the fun that Sophia, Olivia, and I had during this past week; and the importance of taking time to play (like going rock climbing and canoeing). 

As I normally do, I wrote a reflection about what I did during the past week, a gratitude list, and included the name of the stitch of the week.

For the images, I included the following:

- a trio of cats. This is a reference to visiting Northwoods Humane Society and donating some money, Kitten Chow, and cans to help support their work in finding permanent families for the animals that come into their care. The white cat in the image looks like Casper - one of the cats who needed a new home.

- a frog. This is the only frog image I had in my box of collage items (I'm using only what I have on hand to do the TAST challenge rather than purchase anything new). It's a reminder about the nature program at the state park that Sophia, Olivia, and I went to on Friday that looked at the living things in the glacial potholes. In a couple of the potholes, there were tadpoles of varying ages/sizes.

- a quote about believing in yourself. This refers to the programs we took at two state parks this weekend. The whole point of the programs is not only to introduce people to outdoor activities that they may not have done before, but to give them the confidence to do these things on their own. Believing in yourself carries over to other aspects of I felt like this quote was a good reminder.

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Jo said...

a lovely reminder and it's so true that we need to take time out to just play. I love the idea of your book and may have to start one myself.