Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Favorite Blog Post: Candy Hearts

The question for today on the Summer Blog Challenge is: What is the favorite blog post you have written?

One of my favorite blog posts is also one of the top-viewed posts - it's about how to make homemade candy hearts. Sophia and I made the candy hearts last year after I saw the recipe on another blog.

Hearts at an Angle

The recipe is a no-bake one that is very easy to make. You also can color the dough whatever colors you prefer, and flavor the balls of dough so each color is a different flavor.

4 Colors of Dough

We ended up making 102 cookie-size candy hearts that day. You can certainly make them smaller and get more hearts like the ones sold in stores.

Origami and Felt Valentine's Day Boats

The homemade candy heart recipe could be used at any time of the year by simply changing the shape of the cookie cutter as well as the color(s) and flavors used.

This would make a fun summer activity for children to do while they are taking a break from school (or homeschooling, if you're like us!).

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Rita said...

Looks like they turned out very well. Sweet treats! :)