Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clothing Style as a Homeschool Mom

Today's prompt for the Summer Blog Challenge is: Post a photo of an outfit that either is your style or you wish was your style.

Clothing and keeping current with styles has never been a high priority for me. For me, there are so many more important things I rather spend my time, energy, and money on.

As for my "style," I've always worn clothes that are loose-fitting. I do not like clothes that are tight or uncomfortable, especially if I have to wear them for long periods of time. Comfort has been and will always be a priority.

Because I no longer work in an office, I do not need business attire. Now, as a stay-at-home mom who homeschools my daughters, my wardrobe is substantially different than it was when I was working out of the home.

With the clothes I wear at home, it doesn't matter if I get them messy from the activities we do with homeschooling and/or running a household (e.g., cooking, baking, art, painting, gardening, working with the horses). I would much rather have Sophia and Olivia see me relaxed if my clothes get dirty than upset that I ruined a good sweater, shirt, or pants.

I have a limited wardrobe that I wear in public. These generally are not clothes I wear at home because I rather keep them in good condition. That being said, I do need to update my wardrobe. The last time I went shopping for myself was in September 2011 - right before a trip to New England with Sophia and Olivia. I needed some clothes to wear since we would be out and about each day.

Perhaps a goal for the balance of the year would be to invest in a few nice, comfortable pieces of clothes that are current. I found some that I like:

Cardigan, basic white shirt, and jeans from Anthropologie. 
The cardigan is plain on the front but 
the sides and back have a patterned fabric.

Include some scarves or other accessories
(like the necklace in the photo from Anthropologie, 
bracelets, and earrings).

Cardigan, shirt, and shorts from J. Crew.

Perhaps I'll save some money and go shopping in the fall for some new items. Until then, I can take a look at what stores have clothing that I like, and that best reflect my personality and interests.


FirstTimeMom MN said...

Love your style too!!

Patty A said...

Lovely style.

Rita said...

That's the kind of style I like, too. Loose, comfortable, and relaxed. Nice!! :)