Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sophia's 18th Birthday

Day before Sophia's birthday...the last day she was a child:

- Slept in until 1 p.m. She had difficulty sleeping during the night, so I let her sleep in as long as she wanted. She was shocked that it was as late it was and that I hadn't told her to get up...repeatedly. A small - but obviously needed - gift.

- In the late-afternoon/evening on the last day Sophia was 17 years old, she and Olivia went to see Aquaman. They enjoyed the movie and were excited to have popcorn that they could load up with various flavored toppings (versus the butter-and-limited-salt-only popcorn that we would typically have when we go to a movie together as a family).

On Sophia's 18th birthday...the first day she is an adult:

- Marked her height on the closet.

- Took photos of the birthday banner.

This year, I added the final photo to the banner (Sophia's 2018-19 photo that was taken at the homeschool co-op).

It is hard to believe that she is 18 years old. It seems like yesterday she was an infant and toddler.

- We were going to do a special breakfast of her choice. However, because we were going out to lunch we decided to do the breakfast on another day during the upcoming week.

Instead, I set the table with a white tablecloth, had a vase of flowers, and put the presents and cards on the table.

- Decorated the windows with window stars that I made that matched the flowers, gift wrap, and color scheme.

- Ate lunch at a new establishment in St. Paul. The building is Keg and Case; and in it there are a variety of restaurants and shops.

Paige and I got our food at Revival Smoked Meats. I had a pork sandwich with coleslaw and pickles. It was delicious. Sophia wanted to try the macaroni and cheese, so we got the side dish (which would have been a meal in itself). We took the macaroni and cheese home to enjoy on New Year's Eve.

Paige had a pastrami sandwich.

The girls went to a pizza place and got pizza.

Afterwards, we went to another shop that sold macarons; and then another that sold cotton candy.

There are no dyes in the cotton candy - only flavor. Mine was pina colada with coconut chips sprinkled on and an umbrella.

Sophia got butterbeer (a drink referenced in the Harry Potter books) cotton candy. Hers came with sprinkles and a bow.

- Visited the Minnesota History Museum in St. Paul. There was a special exhibit about Somali-Americans. Below, Sophia is standing by a nomadic Somalian home.

There also was a special exhibit about the year 1968. There was a medical helicopter in the exhibit that was from the Vietnam War.

There were household items and toys - including a Mrs. Beasley doll and thermos.

Another part of the exhibit looked like it could have been from my parents. That plaid cooler is one that we owned; and we had mesh chairs very similar to the ones shown. It was like looking at our backyard - a glimpse back in time.

Olivia and Paige were done before us, so Sophia and I explored some of the other exhibits. There was a buffalo near the Native American area. You could take out the different parts and scan the code under a computer. It would tell you the body part and how Native Americans would use it.

When we were done, the girls and Paige stood by an oversized postcard on the staircase landing.

- Visited Kowalski's where Sophia picked out a cheesecake with caramel, chocolate, and pecans for the topping.

- Took photos of Sophia with both parents.


- Enjoyed appetizers.

- Opened presents. Lucy wanted to help Sophia. He's about 15 years old now and has limited (if any) vision in his right eye.

Many of the gifts were ones that she will need at college next year. She's opening a clothes dryer which the girls both said that we could start using now rather than hanging some clothes to dry over the shower curtain pole, hanging up in closets, and/or putting over the edge of Sophia's metal bedframe.

She got a set of four corkboards for her dorm room. She's debating  about whether to keep them plain or cover them with fabric to match her room.

Sophia and I went to a craft show in November at a local church. Each year there is a vendor who is an Hmong-American who sells work that she and her mother sew  or cross-stitch. Sophia liked this kitty purse. It even has a little bell under its chin.

There was a box of hangers of different types - some to hold clothes, others to hold slippery clothes, another to hold pants, one to hold scarves, and another to hold camis. I had no idea there were so many different types of hangers.

- Had birthday cheesecake. It's a good thing we got the larger cheesecake so we could fit all the candles on it!

Sophia liked the purple theme with the candles, plates, and napkins.

It was a wonderful birthday; and memorable way to spend Sophia's first day as an adult.


Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed reading the last two posts from you. I have one of those yellow bowls that belonged to my mother. I'm not sure it would hold punch as it seems to be speckled with tiny cracks. They may just be on the surface. Happy Birthday to Sophia. My granddaughter turned 18 in October and will be going off to college in the Fall. She is my youngest and it seems like the years have gone much too fast.
Happy New Year
Mama Bear

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

From Isabelle (who was unable to log on without a google account, but wanted to leave a comment): I see your daughter's birthday: she looks so happy!