Thursday, December 27, 2018

December Photography Scavenger Hunt

For the December Scavenger Hunt on Swap-Bot, there were five items to photograph. Below are my photos and descriptions.

Something stuck to something else

After Christmas, I spent some time trying some new window star patterns. Each of the points of these stars is folded 14 or 16 times and glued as new folds are done.

Then when all the points are done, I glue the points to one another so they are stuck to one another to create a new shape and pattern.

To stick the stars to windows, I use a few loops of clear tape. If the tape is put behind areas where there are more folds, you can't see the tape.

Something artificial

Sophia got this air freshener for Paige.

Although the ingredients are artificial, the smell is pleasant and is perfect for this time of the year.

Something that is in a row or rows

Cooper was looking out the window and a flock of goldfinches came to the feeder. The birds fly so quickly to and from the feeder. At this one point, pictured below, there were six goldfinches eating in two rows.

They stayed in rows for a little while - all politely eating together. They must have been eager to eat before the storm moved in.

Something fancy

When I was growing up, my parents had this corner hutch. There was a light in it, and the glass shelves had a variety of special, fancy, and mementos that were meaningful to them.

After they both died, I inherited the hutch and many of the items in it. I added some of our own items that have special meaning to our family.

One of the items in the hutch is a wooden advent "wreath" with four white candles. When the candles are burning, the little fan moves. As it moves, the wise men, camel, shepherd, sheep, and other figurines move in a circle as well.

This was very fancy for us when we were growing up, and it only came out of the hutch periodically.

I took this out last year and lit the candles. It didn't quite work like it should have - as it did when my parents used it. The heat from the candles started burning the wood, so I blew out the candles. I think it's fine just to look it rather than use it. I don't want to ruin something that belonged to them.

Something dented

I'm not sure what possessed me to choose this can of soup that was so dented. Normally I pick cans that are in good shape and not damaged.

Next time I'm grocery shopping I'll need to be more focused and look at the condition of the cans and boxes.

1 comment:

Rita said...

I really love your paper stars/snowflakes.
What a beautiful hutch. I wouldn't light the candles, either, for fear of ruining something that belonged to them. :)
That can! I'd bring it back. If you break through to the inside of the can it can cause bacteria growth. That one looks bent enough to have cracked the inside of the can!