Saturday, February 1, 2014

Essential Oil and Coconut Oil Cold Cure

For December and most of January, I had been using the homemade Thieves essential oil blend I made at the end of November. I had been putting some on my throat and under my nose as well as on the palms of my hands as a way to ward away the cold and flu, and open up my sinuses.

I ran out of the blend around the middle of January. Interestingly, within a few days I picked up a virus and sinus infection. Nine days later, I still am dealing with symptoms.

Today I looked at my pins on Pinterest and came across one for Do-it-Yourself Coconut Oil Cure Cold which led to Thyme is Honey.

In preparation for making the Coconut Oil Cold Cure, I made another batch of Homemade Thieves oil.

Essential oils needed to make the Homemade Thieves Oil Blend.

The coconut oil I had solidified, so I warmed it for 25 seconds in the microwave. Alternatively, the directions said the jar of coconut oil can be placed in a bowl of warm water to soften.

Coconut oil in solidified form.

I measured 1/2 cup coconut oil and placed it into a container.

Measuring coconut oil and placing it in a container.

Then, add 3/4 teaspoon Homemade Thieves Oil and mix gently.

Adding 3/4 teaspoon of homemade thieves oil to the coconut oil.

Store the Essential Oil and Coconut Oil Cold Cure so that's it's ready to go when needed. It can be rubbed on one's throat, nose, and chest. It also can be massaged into feet, and then covered with warm socks to be worn while one sleeps.

Hopefully by making a new batch of Homemade Thieves Oil and using it as well as the Cold Cure, I'll see a quick recovery.

I do believe that the Homemade Thieves Oil helped prevent me from getting sick at a time when I was under a great amount of stress, and in out of hospitals and a nursing home due to my Mom's health issues. It's amazing how powerful essential oils are!

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Rita said...

Essential oils are marvelous, aren't they! :)