Monday, February 10, 2014

Tool - LEGO Quest #5

For the fifth LEGO Quest, the challenge was to design a tool. According to the  LEGO Quest, "This can be something that already exists in the tool world, or it can be an invented tool for a particular job that you have in mind.

"This can be very simple or extremely complex, it's up to you. Maybe even think about some of the first tools ever invented by man or animal to serve them."

Keeping this in mind, Olivia designed a ice pick.

The LEGO ice pick fits nicely in Olivia's hand.

Wanting to see if it would work, Olivia went to the upstairs bedroom window and scraped at the snow near the bird feeder.

Olivia using the LEGO tool she created.

 She said making tools from LEGO isn't something she would do very often.

Moving the snow with the ice pick.

Yet she thought it was "cool that I could build an ice pick."

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