Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Micro-Build - LEGO Challenge - February

Olivia is doing the monthly LEGO challenges on Outside the Brick. Last month she created a boat and enjoyed testing it in a sink filled with water.

This month, according to Outside the Brick, "...we have a teeeeeny-tiiiiiiiny challenge so you’ll have to be really careful with it! This month, I challenge you to build a micro-build. Huh? What’s a micro-build, you say? Well, it’s a build out of ten pieces or less. I told you, it is teeny-tiny!!"

This was challenging for Olivia because she's used to building with a lot more than ten pieces. So, she created a fountain with a frog sitting on top of it.

There are exactly ten pieces...including the frog.

Doing this challenge made her very aware of how carefully she needed to select each piece so she stayed within the limit.

Olivia is looking forward to participating in the challenge next month; and is eager to hear the theme!

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