Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homeschool Art - Gerhard Richter Inspired Paintings

One of the subjects that Sophia and Olivia enjoy doing as part of homeschooling is art. Pinterest has so many great ideas for exploring art.

Olivia's finished painting that was done after 
looking at Gerhard Richter's oil paintings.

Recently, I came across a pin that led to Leon pas sur les murs (a French website with the title that translates into "Leon not on the walls"). It show how children can learn about and try to  imitate Gerhard Richter's art work.

The first step is to choose a background color and cover a sheet of paper or canvas with it.

Next, put a line of paint in another color at the top; and, using a plastic ruler, slide it down the page.

Continue to add lines of color at the top of the page and drag them down the paper using the ruler.

Some of the colors will go down to the bottom of the paper while others will go only part way down the page.

It's good if there's someone who can hold the top of the page while the ruler is being dragged down the page, otherwise the painting goes with the ruler.

The final versions are colorful and abstract.

 It's a very easy project to do; and both girls were happy with the process and final product.

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anastasia anezinis said...

The result is amazing!Thanks for sharing the technic,looks easy!