Saturday, February 22, 2014

Framed - P52 and 52 Week Photo Challenge 2014 - Week 8

This is the eighth week of the P52 and 52 Weeks Photo Challenges, and the latter selected the theme of "Framed."

There were some clever ideas that I've seen that use empty frames propped at an angle in the sand and there's a person in the distance within the frame...or others holding an empty frame with their face behind it. Lots of different ideas for using actual picture frames.

Had I allowed more time perhaps I would have been more creative. it is...the end of the week and the eve before leaving on a multi-day dogsledding and ice climbing trip. I was pressed for time.

Looked around the house and out the windows and realized: the entire house is filled with window frames. So I looked out many of the windows to see the views. All are different variations on the same theme: high drifts of snow - some almost as tall as the 4-foot high fence around the backyard. In the driveway, the 6-foot high fences are almost buried. It's been a challenging winter.

One of my favorite views is from this window:

It's one of many pine trees around the farm. This one is on the west side of the house so it provides a nice windbreak (as do the other ones that are in two rows along the driveway).

Beyond the pine tree is the west pasture. The sun is slowly making its way north as it sets. Right now, the setting sun is southwest of this window. By summer - it will be directly ahead. Needless to say, the sunsets are magnificent...especially when the entire summer sky is all different shades of lavender, magenta, and blue.

Until then...I look at the big banks of snow and wonder when it will melt and where it will go. Perhaps there will be a big pond this spring. Those spring peepers will be singing quite a bit in a couple of months...even better when they have a nice pond to hide in and swim around in.

Lots of memories as I look out this window...perhaps that's why it is one of my favorite ones.

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Rita said...

I think we'll all be ready for spring and peepers this year. ;)