Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monthly Journal for Tweens and Teens

This year as part of homeschooling and personal growth, I'm having Sophia and Olivia keep journals. Each month there will be a different activity related to journaling. In this way, at the end of the year they can look back and see which methods of journaling they preferred and would like to continue with in 2015.

So, to get some ideas of tween and teen-friendly journaling, I looked on Pinterest and found a pin that led to Jessica Swift's website. She's an artist, author, and pattern designer.

She had an image that the pin led to for "100 Things I Want to Do in My Life."

Sophia thought of 27 things so far that she wants to do. She'll continue to add to the list throughout the year. The top two things on Sophia's list: (1) Go to Paris and (2) Get a driver's license.

Olivia thought of 35 things that she wants to do during her life. Like Sophia, she'll also add to her list throughout 2014.

Olivia's list of things she wants to do.

Olivia had a lot of place she wanted to travel to: Stonehenge in the U.K., Paris (where she can climb the Eiffel Tower), Russia, Africa, Washington D.C., New York, Michigan, and the North and South Pole. She also wants to go to all 50 states.

She also wants to go dog sledding and ice climbing (which she will be doing later this month!); see several types of wild animals (otters, baby sea turtles).

Close-up of some of Olivia's goals.

She wants to finish reading the Harry Potter series and write a book. She wants to be a math whiz and build a LEGO city and town. What I like seeing is the diversity and range of her dreams and goals.

Olivia also wants to climb a mountain and go horseback riding. The latter one she'll be doing in June when she goes on a half-day and full-day trail ride on horseback in Grand Marais on the Gunflint Trail.

I believe that once the girls are able to start marking things off their list that they have accomplished, they will understand the power of writing down their goals and finding a way to make them a reality.

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Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

Thanks for sharing at the Homeschool Post link up. I don't homeschool full-time, but I love to find creative ideas for the kids that they won't mind doing after their regular school day to keep their minds turning. My 12 yo would love this idea of journaling and I love how they get to make a list and then mark stuff off. It gives parents a good idea of what their kiddos are interested in too!