Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monthly Journal for Tweens and Teens

For this month's journal entry that Sophia and Olivia are doing, I found an idea on Pinterest called Who I Am. The pin didn't lead to a website, so I simply copied the image and pasted it into Photoshop so I could print it.

The journal entry has a variety of prompts such as:
- my hobbies/extra-curricular activities
- person I look up to
- an accomplishment I am proud of
- most recent memorable event
- favorite childhood memory
- where I spend my free time

Sophia's February journal entry.

It also has a list of favorites:
- food
- class/subject
- movie
- color
- sport/team
- book/magazine
- t.v. show
- music/radio station

Olivia's journal entry for February.

It was interesting to see what each of the girls wrote for some of their answers. For example, Sophia said that for her hobbies she likes to knit, read, and play the piano. Olivia enjoys reading, coloring, and drawing.

For an accomplishment that she is proud of, Sophia put "learning how to play the harp." Olivia left that section blank because she wants to fill it out after the trip later this month that includes dog sledding and ice climbing. I'm thinking that one (or both) of those activities will be her proudest accomplishment.

A favorite childhood memory for each of the girls was different as well. Sophia's favorite memories center on "playing games with my family" while Olivia's favorite memory is "riding my sister's pony!" Such simple things that I wouldn't have even thought would make it as favorite memories. Now that I know this, it makes me even more motivated to help build upon these memories for them.

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