Saturday, February 15, 2014

Square - P52 and 52 Week Photo Challenge 2014 - Week 7

The theme for this week that I'm using for my photography challenges is Square

It's part of the game board for Blokus. It's a game that we've had for many years now that I bought at homeschool conference. 

Blokus is supposed to be pronounced as "Block us." However, we didn't know how it was pronounced so we have been calling it "Blow kuss." Although the former way to pronounce the game makes more sense, Sophia and Olivia are in the habit of saying the name the latter way and want to stick with what they prefer. 

At any rate, up to four people can play this game. Each person has 21 game pieces of one color that include:
1 one-square piece
1 piece with 2 squares
2 pieces with 3 squares
5 pieces with 4 squares
12 pieces with 5 squares

The goal is to get as many of your 21 pieces on the board while simultaneously trying to block your opponents from getting their pieces onto the board. The only caveat to placing a piece on the board is that it may not lie adjacent to one's other pieces, but instead must be placed touching at least one corner of the pieces already on the board. This is a great abstract strategy game that we enjoy playing.

That's one of the great things about attending homeschool conferences: they are wonderful resources for educational and fun games. Although I won't be attending the annual conference in April this year (the first time since I started homeschooling), I do hope to go to another one in September where I'm sure there will be plenty of used and new games to add to our collection.

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