Saturday, February 15, 2014

Collaboration - LEGO Quest #7

Olivia has been enjoying working on the LEGO Quest. This week marked the seventh week of the challenge; and the theme was "collaboration."

Even Shadow wanted to play a part with Olivia's LEGO pyramid.

LEGO Quest said, "What I am hoping for, is that you will work together with someone or maybe even your whole family on a joint project. For example....if you live in a house where there are two or more kids, work together with all the kids who want to join in and, if you can get your parents involved, or anyone else that wants to join you, please do.

"What you decide to build, is totally up to you and the person/people you are working with. Anything goes as long as it's built with LEGO and it is an original design.

Sometimes working together can be difficult, because everyone can have different ideas of what the final design is going to look like. Often times, working with other people on a creation can bring your design to new, greater places, places you wouldn't have found if you were doing it alone."

Through the collaborative process, the final design ended up being a pyramid. The green board at the top comes off by using the top white and gray pieces at the top of the pyramid. Underneath that, Olivia built a support system so that the green piece wouldn't fall in. It was very clever - and the first time she thought of that.

She was happy with the finished design, and enjoyed working with others on the project.

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