Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Window Stars - Art Every Day Month - Day 7

Today I made a trio of winter window stars in purple, blue, and white. The weather seemed much chillier today, so these colors reflected the strong wind and colder temperatures outside.

A trio of stars for a cold autumn day.

The first star I made was a purple one. Each point is folded 22 times. With 8 points, that's 176 folds to make the star.

Purple window star with 22 folds per point (176 folds total).

The second star is much easier to make - only six folds per point. With five points, that's 30 folds to make the blue star.

Only 30 folds to make this blue window star.

The last star I made is the white one. This one took 20 folds per point. It has six points, so that's 120 folds to create this window star.

White window star with 20 folds per point...or 120 folds total.

I have some more window stars to make for Day 8 as well as another quilt square that I want to finish. Art Every Day Month has given me the push I needed to create and get projects done that I have wanted to do for some time now.

I may just have to continue dedicating some time each day to create. It does a lot for my spirit when I take that time to do something creative.


Gwen Hughes said...

They must have taken so long to do, but they are really beautiful and well worth the time spent.
Gwen xx

Shannon said...

I love these! They are so beautiful. I've never seen anything like them- they kind of remind me of a cross between origami and quilting stars. Superb work!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing. Time consuming but worth it!

craftattack said...

Beautiful stars! Valerie

Carol said...

The are so beautiful!! I'm thinking of doing my tree in stars this year and these would be cool. Have to think about that some more :)

rajns (carolyn) said...

The stars on the window rock! Your folds are so precise and there are so many that you did!

Kellie said...

they're beautiful!!!

Serena said...

I LOVE that purple one!! You're so clever!

Happy AEDM,

Elizabeth said...

These are gorgeous! Love the purple one!