Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks - Day 10 - Bill

While I'm thanking neighbors, I am going to thank another one - Bill - who also is a volunteer firefighter. Each year, the Fire and Rescue Department hosts an open house during fire prevention/awareness week. 

Working the Fire Hose with Help
Bill with Olivia at the
Fire and Rescue Department's Open House.

Bill is in charge of a game that kids (and adults) can play. The kids dress up in firefighter uniforms and helmets and get to operate a firehose. The goal is to aim the hose at one of the holes and then the tubing behind it will fill a jar. If there are two children playing at the same time, the first person to fill their jar wins.

Each year, the girls play the game and Bill helps them. It's something they enjoy doing - even now that they are older (8 and 10 years old).

Operating the Fire House
Sophia operating the fire hose
as Bill looks on.

The girls look forward to going to the Fire and Rescue Department's open house each year.
Olivia the Firefighter
Olivia needing help holding the fire hose.
(Taken in 2007 when she was 4 years old.)

Part of the reason is because Bill makes the experience fun and memorable for them.

Sophia the Firefighter
Bill helping Sophia play a game
at the annual open house.
Apparently she wanted to look more feminine
than she would have wearing a firefighting jacket and helmet.
(Taken in October 2007 when Sophia was 6 years old.)

I took several pictures of the girls with Bill this year; and sent him a thank you note along with copies of the pictures. It's a small token of thanks for the wonderful memories he's given the girls, but one that comes with true thanks and appreciation.

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