Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Give Food to a Neighbor - 52 Weeks of Giving - Week 45

A neighbor had a double mastectomy on Monday and she is back at home now recovering. She and her husband have been wonderful neighbors; and operate a rather large farming operation.

So, on Wednesday, the girls and I made some homemade food and brought it to her so she didn't have to prepare at least one of the meals during the week. 
Making Fudge Brownies
The girls making homemade fudge brownies.

After everything cooled down, we put the wild rice soup, snack mix, and fudge brownies in containers. (We used ones that once held food at another time, so she could just recycle or reuse the containers and not have to worry about washing and returning the dishes to us.)
Food for a Neighbor
After signing the card and packing up the food,
we put it in a bag to bring next door.

The girls were excited to bring food next door and help neighbors who have been very supportive and kind through the many years we've known them.
Delivering Food
Olivia and Sophia ready to deliver a meal.

They invited us in while they were finishing up their dinner. A customer had ordered a rather large load of corn, so they were eating late that evening, they said. We had a nice conversation, and then left them to finish their meal.

After having surgery multiple times through the years, I know how welcome meals and visits can be, but also how tiring they can be. We didn't want to exhaust our neighbor...especially after she had such a major surgery. 

This was the 45th week of the 52 Weeks of Giving challenge.  Only 7 weeks left, but still so many opportunities - especially as the holiays are approaching.

(We received a nice thank you note from Carol that said, "Ann and Girls, Thank you for the soup, brownies, and snacks. Very good. It really tasted good that night. I'm doing pretty good now - get tired really fast - but suppose that goes with the surgery. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and concern. Carol")


yaga said...

This is such a cool and inspiring project! I bet the experiences are making a big impression on your girls, they'll never forget this... :o)

What Remains Now said...

What a nice gift. Your poor neighbor. That's a hard surgery. Praying for her and all the challenges she has ahead. Having good friends will help.