Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free Fonts

For some reason in the past I always had a difficult time downloading free fonts. Consequently, I didn't spent much time perusing the new fonts that are being created and shared. One of the places I used to visit was that has thousands of free fonts for downloading.

The Summer Blog Challenge's prompt for the day is to share a favorite free font. Had it not been for this challenge, I would not have tried to find and download a font. After looking at some fonts, I found one that I liked - Little Days.

After using the "Help" section on, I figured out how to download the font and add it to my font choices. I was so excited to have figured it out...and have it work.

So, I went back and found two more fonts - Stonehenge and Soft Ornaments - that I liked. The former can be used when typing text whereas the latter is more for a decorative element to something I am typing.

Here's what the fonts look like and where to find them:

The process for downloading a font is easy. For my computer, this is the process:

=> Download from dafont. (Just click the button that is on the website.)
=> Drag the ttf file to the desktop.
=> Drag the file from the desktop into the font folder.
=> Go to Microsoft Word and the new font will show up there in the list of fonts.

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Rita said...

Oh, goodness! And here I thought I'd be catching up on reading blogs yesterday...and I ended up going through fonts! ROFL!! So cool!! Thanks!! :)