Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream Jobs

When I think of a dream job, I think of it in three ways: dream jobs of the past, present, and future.


In the past, out of all the jobs I held, my dream job was founding and operating a non-profit arts organization that I named Harvest Moon Community Farm.

For eight years, I designed the youth and intergenerational programs (Create & Cultivate Art and Farm Camps, ArtVenture, Grandparent/Grandchild Farm Camp) including lesson plan research and writing; developing promotional materials; registering participants; contracting artists; managing staff; and overseeing the day-to-day operation of each program.

Four Create & Cultivate Art Campers 
standing by a labyrinth that the campers built
under the guidance of artist D'Arcy Teasley.

I also created an Educator Mentorship Program for teenagers wanting to pursue careers in elementary education, the arts, or environmental studies/education.

Another interesting aspect that I enjoyed was a Restorative Justice Program for teenagers and adults who were ordered to perform court-ordered community service hours. I worked with a local youth service bureau as well as county parole officers.

Other things I did that I enjoyed was:
- co-create and regularly update Harvest Moon’s website (e.g., adding new pages, uploading pictures, and writing/editing copy).
- design a nature trail and program that was recognized by the National Wildlife Federation for its educational benefits to youth.
- write and design Harvest Moon’s monthly newsletter, Make a Difference.

Prayer flags hanging from one structure to another
in the Peace Village (four different "homes" 
built from natural materials).
This was constructed during an art camp session
in the back part of the farm.
It also was done under the guidance of D'Arcy Teasley.


My dream job at the moment is being a mother to Sophia and Olivia.

Mom Me Sophia Olivia
My mom with Sophia, Olivia, and me.
(Taken on my mom's 80th birthday - April 24, 2010.)

Being able to homeschool them makes that dream job even better. My life has been incredibly blessed by both of the girls. To be able to teach and guide them as they learn about a variety of subjects has been such a gift to me.

Sophia and Olivia Making Stone-Angels
Sophia and Olivia making "stone angels" -
think "snow angels" except with stones instead of snow.
They were 5 and 7 years old.
(Taken in Grand Marais on September 3, 2008)


What does a future dream look like? Right now I don't know.

Perhaps it is something combining my long-term interests - the arts, nature, and agriculture.

Maybe it's something that helps seniors who have Alzheimer's Disease.

Or, it could be something that helps the caregivers of people who have Alzheimer's Disease - to help them move through the stages along with their loved one. To guide them through the process through the arts, creative expression, nature, and animals.

I like this latter idea the best. This is something that I have personal experience with - from the time my dad was diagnosed with middle-stage Alzheimer's his death...and now through the grieving process.

Who knows what my dream job of the future will look like...only time will tell. What I do know is that if my future job is anything like my past and current is sure to be rewarding.

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Nicole GF said...

It is so amazing how our 'dream' job changes as we change! Years ago, when I think of what my dream job back then was, I don't think that i could handle it now!