Friday, August 24, 2012

3 in 30 August Update - #4

I am pleased that I was able to reach all the goals I set for August for the 3 in 30 challenge.  

1. Clean the closet in Olivia's room. By cleaning the closet, Olivia will have significantly more space to put away items that are currently in her room. This will give her more floor space in her room as well as give her more space in her closet which will help her better organize her toys and clothes.

This was completed during Week #3. If you click on the link, there are many before and after pictures; and a total count of the number of bags removed for donation, trash, and recycling.

2. Clean the other closet in my office. This closet has books for homeschooling, office supplies, and has become a place to store a variety of items.

This project took almost a full day to complete.  I knew it was going to be time-consuming because I have simply put items in and not bothered to organize anything during the past few years while my dad's health continued to decline and then he died in January 2012.

Consistently throughout 2012, I have been organizing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and trying to simplify the home so it runs more smoothly and is less stressful given what life has been like during the past few years.

Left - Before cleaning. I just kept putting stuff on the floor
since there was no more room on the shelves.
Right - After cleaning. Nothing is on floor in the front or left side. 
The majority of shelves contain homeschooling resources.

Left - The right of the closet had things falling off the shelves 
and piled high from the floor level up.
Right - All the shelves are organized. There are bags still on the floor.
However, these will be gone by December because they hold items 
from my dad. They will be divided and distributed among family members.

Left - This is the left side of the closet. 
It was the most overwhelming part to go through.
Right - Everything is now on the shelves and organized by like-type 
(e.g., paper, office supplies, cards, homeschool books, recipes).

3. Clean the built-in cupboards in the family room. The upper shelves have canned goods and homeschooling supplies; and the lower shelves have space for homeschooling work that the girls have completed. The open cubbies in the middle have games and activities.

This was done during the first week. If you click on the link, there are before and after pictures; and well as a tally of how many bags of items we donated and threw away.


Jeanine Byers said...

Good job, Ann!! Those pics are amazing! I am still hoping to completely finish my homeschool planning my next week's update, but good for you that you are finished already.

Nikki said...

Way to go! You got it all done, and there's still a week left this month. What are you going to do?

Rita said...

You finished your cleaning and organizing projects, unlike myself--still in the middle of chaos--LOL! Congrats! :)

Nikki said...

I thought I left a comment last week when I read this. Sorry.

Good job on getting everything done with a week left in the month! What are you going to do this week? How will you spend your free time?