Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Typing - A to Z April Challenge

This year the girls have been typing as part of their homeschooling lessons. They are using the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing program for adults. It's a step-by-step keyboarding program that includes interesting passages for practice as well as some fun games.

Sophia playing one of the typing games 
as part of her lesson.

This program reinforces good finger position, it works on increasing speed incrementally, and does not use twaddle for typing practice.

It is the recommended typing program by Simply Charlotte Mason, a great website filled with advice and resources for those who are following a Charlotte Mason approach with their homeschooling.

Olivia takes a computer class at the homeschool co-op every Monday. As part of her class, she must practice typing for one hour outside of class.

Olivia practicing typing different keys and patterns.

Although Sophia doesn't take a computer class, she still wanted to learn and build her skills in typing. She is doing using the Mavis Beacon program at her own pace.

Sophia learning to type different keys on the keyboard 
by copying a block of text.

Sophia and Olivia enjoy typing - both the lessons and the games.

Olivia playing one of the games as part of her lesson.

They will continue to progress with the lessons next year when they are in fifth and seventh grades.

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Rita said...

I'm glad there are still typing programs/classes to follow. I heard that they don't teach typing in public school anymore and I find that hard to believe. They think the kids learn their own ways to type on keyboards and I suppose that's true. But it doesn't mean it's the best way to type. Good for your girls!! :)