Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Interior Design (and Injections) - A to Z April Challenge

Today's alphabetical activity for homeschooling focused on interior design. Olivia has been checking out House Beautiful and other interior decorating magazines for the past six months from the library, so I thought we'd take a look at interior design today.

As a side note, Sophia did not participate in this activity because she had to have three injections for allergies today...a purely coincidental alphabetical activity for Sophia. A side effect to the injections is being very tired, and she needed to rest during the afternoon.

This was the first of a series of weekly shots that Sophia will be having for the next six months. The entire allergy program runs for about three years. Hopefully this will improve her quality of life and eliminate the allergies she has to over 15 things.

Back to interior design. Olivia's first activity was to think about each room in the home. She wrote the name of the room and put two boxes next to the name. In the first box is the color that the room currently is painted. In the second box is the color she would like to re-paint it if she could re-do the home.

About half of the room colors she liked and wouldn't change. The other room colors she changed to pink, peach, blue, brown, and green.
The next activity looked at warm and cool colors on the color wheel. Then the last two questions focused on colors that make a room look larger and colors that make a room look smaller.

She learned that the lighter colors and white will make a room appear larger; while the darker shades of color will make it feel smaller.

The final activity used a sample floor plan for a two-story home.  She colored rooms and spaces that had a social function red (e.g., family room, living room, porches); work areas yellow (e.g., laundry room, kitchen, hallways); and quiet areas blue (e.g., bedrooms, bathrooms).

The first floor is on the left side, and 
the second floor is on the right side.

It was interesting to see how the various functions (social, work, and quiet) are grouped within a house plan. It would be interesting to see if this is typical of most homes.

Olivia enjoyed doing activities related to interior design and would like to do more things about this topic in the future.


J Keith said...

Very interesting post. Makes me want to teach my kids about interior design.

Lisa said...

What an interesting topic for studying! Kudos for you for having the discipline yourself to homeschool!

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