Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Flower Arranging - A to Z April Challenge

During the first week of April, we did two activities related to flower arranging. In terms of homeschooling, this covered several subjects: home economics, science, geography, social studies, and caring for seniors.

Arranging a Bouquet of Flowers

One of the things that I periodically do is purchase a bouquet of flowers and either the girls and/or I arrange them in many smaller vases. 

Olivia trimming the flower stem to fit the vase.

Often, this is done during the summer. However, winter has been so long this year and has seemed to drag on. Seeing the fresh, vividly-colored flowers is such a day-brightener for us all.

Sophia taking some of the stem and leaves off the rose
so it fit better in the vase.

The bouquet had a variety of flowers. Sophia picked the rose to put by itself in a small vase. This one had some fragrance to it. However, its beauty was definitely in the many warm shades of reds, oranges, and golds.

Olivia working on an arrangement in the larger vase.

Olivia worked on filling the larger vase.  She chose several flower stems that she felt would look nice together. The colors complemented one another very well and she had a pretty arrangement when she was done.

The girls had different types of colors of flowers 
from which to choose.

Visiting a Flower Show

Sophia, Olivia, and I took my mom to Macy's annual flower show.

Sophia, Olivia, and my Mom by the elephant display.

This year's theme is “The Painted Garden,” which draws inspiration from India.

Colorful umbrellas hung from the ceiling in one area.

Bachman’s - a local flower and landscape company - transformed the bare auditorium into a fragrant and beautiful floral display.
Vivid orange, red, and lavender flowers.

Set designer Jack Barkla created a “color-blocking” scheme for this year’s show by painting architectural backdrops in colors that flow into the garden.

Beautiful backgrounds were part of the flower show.

Four scenic artists spent six weeks on the painted surfaces.


The artists even painted the living trees with soy-based non-toxic paint.

Painted trees by gardens of matching flowers.


After both these activities, we are now looking even more forward to seeing some of our perennials flowers blooms this spring and summer; and making arrangements from them. We also are eager to visit the farmers markets and choose other flowers - mostly annuals - to supplement the flowers we grow at the farm.


Sew Honeybee said...

How cheerful! When the grass is brown and still has patches of snow, it is nice to have cheerful spring flowers on the table. Good luck with your future A-Z Challenge posts!

Laura Broach said...

What a great activity to share with your girls. I love the beautiful pics of the flower show, especially the painted trees!

in the coop said...

The flower show must have been such a pick-me-up after this winter that won't go away. It looks beautiful. We bring flowers home every once in a while over winter, but I've never shown my kids how to arrange them. Never considered it. Next time, I will!

Sandy Campbell said...

Lovely!! Your a good mommy! I worked in a flower shop for nearly 4 years and learned the business and how to make anything! Enjoyable post!

Little Woodlanders said...

What a great activity! My girls would love to do this!

Rinelle Grey said...

Flower arranging is so much fun. I entered in a couple of competitions when I was a teenager, which was fun too.

Rinelle Grey

S. Eva Xavier said...

I love flowers. This was awesome! Thank you.

sherrine said...

Would it be possible to obtain permission to use the image of the hanging Indian Hand Parasol's from the ceiling, I will credit you for copy right purpose.

Look forward to your reply

Kind regards