Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Photography - A to Z April Challenge

Sophia and Olivia both have digital cameras and are enthusiastic photographers. As we move towards the summer and think more about 4-H projects for the county fair, I wanted to give them some ideas about how to create a themed project versus single picture to enter.

There are a few ways to display pictures that are in a collection:
=> on a single sheet of colored tag board;
=> in a variety of frames that are attached to one another; or 
=> in a book.

I gave them several ideas as starting points:

=> Alphabetically capture the people, places, and/or things around your home, backyard/pastures/farm, street, neighborhood, or town. (Both of the girls are going to do this project.)

Sophia photographing the piano in a different way.

=> A to Z of Me. This would be best done in a book format. One idea would be to combine photography and art as was done on the An A to Z of Me blog.

=> Favorite things and people.

Sophia wanting to capture Lucy 
while he was sitting still.

=> Day in my life. Capture what happens in a typical day - from waking up, eating meals, homeschooling, playing, to taking care of pets. It could include exciting as well as mundane things (e.g., the socks you wore, the view from the window). This could be done by activity or in 15-minute or 30-minute increments throughout the day. (Olivia wants to do this.)

Olivia photographing Lucy.

=> Month in my life. Similar to the "Day in my Life" concept, except choosing one photograph per day or one month. The final collection would include 28, 30, or 31 pictures depending on the number of days in the month. (Or 29 pictures, if it's February of Leap Year.)

=> Seasons in Nature. Take one picture per month to capture the changing seasons. These 12 pictures could be made into a calendar.

=> Take a self portrait every day for a month, every month for a year, or every year for set period of time. The subtle changes that happen over a time period can be captured and looked back upon when one is older.  (Sophia is going to do this on her half-birthday and birthday each year.)

After presenting these ideas, both of the girls began to think of things they could photograph.  I'm excited to see how their projects turn out.

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Jessica Peterson said...

I love that your cat's name is Lucy! Mine is too, but she's a girl. :)

Have fun with a-z.