Saturday, December 15, 2012

Performing in a Christmas Play - Countdown to Christmas - Day 15

Sophia and Olivia performed again today in a Christmas play at church. This is the second of two performances that they did.

The cast of the Christmas play.

They both played angels, and enjoyed a combination of speaking lines and singing .

Olivia as an angel in the play.

Sophia and Olivia both enjoyed being a part of the play, and would like to do it again next year.

Sophia listening intently to another person as she says her lines.

Until then, they're relieved the performances are over, and are very happy that more than $1,300 was raised from ticket sales. The proceeds will support hunger relief efforts overseas.

Olivia and Sophia by the big Christmas tree in the lobby.

Being able to help people who are struggling with getting enough to eat and other hunger-related issues makes doing the play and attending all the rehearsals well worth the effort.

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