Sunday, December 16, 2012

Celebrate St. Lucia Day - Countdown to Christmas - Day 16

For about four or five years now, we have celebrated St. Lucia  Day. We were introduced to the holiday when Sophia and Olivia began singing in the children's choir.

For this holiday, the girls sing two songs at church. One relates to St. Lucia while the other focuses on tomtens (thus, the children wear little red hats).

Sophia and Olivia singing in the children's choir.

They sat through part of the service which always seems to be bit difficult. They are more eager to talk with other choir members during the times when the pastor isn't talking.

Olivia chatting a bit during a break in the service.

Between the two services, there were several ladies who made homemade Swedish goodies for others to enjoy. 

One of the ladies by the Swedish treat table.

They wear traditional Swedish outfits and have the table nicely decorated.

There were lots of different types of food available to sample.

When the girls came home, there were homemade Lucia Buns for them to enjoy.

Lucia Buns that I made.

We always make the Lucia buns. The flavoring we use is cardamom, and is one that we never used until we started trying Swedish recipes. It's a pleasant alternative to cinnamon and other sweet spices.

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