Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating the Home & Snowman Donuts - Countdown to Christmas - Day 4

Today's focus was on decorating the home for Christmas. Before starting, we made snowmen from powdered sugar donuts for breakfast. I saw the idea on a pin on Pinterest. It was linked to Dukes and Duchesses

Sophia with her snowman on a skewer.

Basically, you take three miniature powdered sugar donuts and place them on a skewer. Use chocolate icing for the eyes and mouth; an orange Mike & Ike for the nose; and two green Mike &Ike candies for the buttons. For the scarf, used strips of Fruit Rollups.

Olivia with her snowman on a skewer.

The pin that I saw on Pinterest linked to Free Fun Christmas. The recipe called for miniature chocolate chips that would be used on miniature donut. I didn't have any on hand, so we used regular size chocolate chips.

Snowman doughnuts.

Even though the chocolate chips and donut didn't look proportional, the girls didn't care. They were able to have chocolate chips for breakfast. That, in itself, was a treat.

The girls also made popsicle stick snowflakes. I saw the idea on Pinterest. The pin didn't lead to anything, so we used the images in the pin to guess how to make the snowflakes.

They each chose a pattern and then used their popsicle sticks to re-create it. Once sticks were arranged the way they liked, they used a hot glue gun to affix the sticks to one another.

Sophia using the glue gun to affix the sticks to one another.

The next step was to paint the sticks using acrylic paint. Olivia used "True Red" and did a couple coats per side.

Olivia painting the snowflake with acrylic paint.

We are still determining where we should put the popsicle stick snowflakes.

Olivia's finished snowflake.

I'd like to hang them against one of the white walls. The vivid red color against the stark white would like pretty.

Sophia's snowflake designs.
She is going to paint them tomorrow.

In addition to making the popsicle stick snowflakes, we decorated the tree.

Sophia decorating the Christmas tree.

Once the lights were on the tree, Sophia and Olivia put on all the ornaments.

Olivia putting an ornament on the Christmas tree.

While they were doing that, I hung up the stockings by the wood stove and put window stars on a couple of windows.

The Christmas tree with lights and decorations.

With a couple of pine boughs, we trimmed off the ends and used them to make an Advent wreath. The girls made the wreath a bit on the small size since they wanted to have enough room on the table to eat. However, by the time we add new components each week, the wreath will look quite crowded.

This week's focus for the Advent wreath is rocks and minerals. Olivia picked some of the rocks we had in our collection to place around the central star and candles. (Normally there are four smaller candles, but we only had two on hand.)

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