Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking Back on the Summer Blog Challenge

The summer - and now the Summer Blog Challenge - are officially over. To me, September 1st marks the beginning of a switch to fall, a return to homeschooling, and the start of a new year.

I consider September 1st more of a "New Year" than January 1st in some ways. It's a time of re-focus and new beginnings. Of excitement and anticipation.

As I look back on the summer and doing the Summer Blog Challenge, I am very happy I found out about it by seeing information about it on another blog. Although I found out about the challenge in the middle of June, I went back to the beginning of the challenge (which started on June 1st) and answered all of the questions.

By the end of the summer and the SBC, I answered 92 questions. Some were easy to answer. Others made me think and/or research an answer. All were ones I would not have typically have written about on my blog.

I knew going into the SBC that I wanted to create a book with the 92 questions/prompts and answers that I could give to Sophia and Olivia for Christmas 2012.

Sophia and Olivia on December 23rd
Sophia and Olivia by the Christmas tree.
(Taken on December 23, 2009.)

It was something that I thought would be a meaningful gift because they are always looking in my Take a Stitch Tuesday journal to see what I've written - the personal reflection and the weekly gratitude list.

Embroidery Journal for TAST 2012
Take a Stitch Embroidery Journal
(Taken on March 5, 2012.)

In a way, it reminded me of one of the most insightful and treasured gifts I received from my dad. For a long time, he worked on a book that included one question or prompt for each day of the year. He answered all of them - in his own handwriting.

After his death, I came across an autobiography and many reflection papers he wrote while he was becoming a deacon. These items collectively provide such an interesting view about his life. I feel like these are such a gift that I've been given...and that I can continue to learn from him and about him even though he is not physically here.

I hope that the effort I spent answering the questions for the SBC will be something that both the girls enjoy reading. It is a gift that reflects a lot of thought, time, and mental energy that truly was a pleasure to do.

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Domestically Seasoned said...

what a wonderful idea. I am sure the girls will be happy to read your writing.