Friday, August 31, 2012

3 in 30 September Goals

By the end of last week, I completed all my goals for the 3 in 30 challenge for August. This week, I have set the goals for September.  

1. Organize fabric. Most of the fabric I use for projects are in bins grouped by color. However, there are some pieces of fabric that are in bags that I want to put in the bins. Also, I'd like to go through all the fabric and donate the pieces I don't care for any longer and/or plan to use.

2. Begin to organize taxes. Last month when I cleaned my office, I came across an expandable file. I had set it up one year to put receipts and other documentation in for each category for taxes (e.g., health care, mortgage payments, homeschooling expenses). I'd like to take what I have saved thus far and put them in the appropriate categories to make tax-time easier in 2013.

3. Plan meals for the month. Sophia will be making food as part of her Eastern Hemisphere curriculum; Olivia will be making food as part of Five in a Row; and both the girls will be making food as part of the Cantering the Country curriculum (U.S. geography).  So, each week there are more lunches and dinners being prepared through homeschooling than there are from what I have on hand. 

I need to schedule these homeschooling meals and balance them out with food that I make so that the girls aren't cooking for each of the meals. This also will use items that we have on hand so we aren't wasting food.


Nikki said...

You've got great goals for the month! Way to get a head start on taxes! I'm impressed!

Jeanine Byers said...

Great goals for next month!! Meal planning is the one "homeschooling" thing we haven't done yet. I don't make it a hard and fast rule that we both do it, but like you, it's fun to coordinate it with what we are studying when possible, so we started that for this next year. Probably for the rest of it, we'll just go month by month, and sometimes, I'll do it by myself. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sherri Davidson said...

I also plan my meals for the month. Although it takes a bit of time in preparation it is way easier and cost effective in the long run.
These are great September goals. I still have to figure mine out. Oops

Tammy_Skipper said...

These seem like great September goals, especially getting a jump on taxes. Good luck!

Deanna Kohlhofer said...

Taxes already? I better get goin'...haha! I love the meal planning. I was doing good until summer hit and I need to get back to my monthly planning.

Stephanie Harrington said...

I plan meals for the week but you've inspired. I wonder if I could do it? I tend to do better recycling plans I didn't get to. But it makes great sense because it ties in with your homeschool plan. Your goals are superb!