Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 things I Love about My Daughters

In no particular order, these are the ten things that I love about Sophia and Olivia:

1. They are compassionate towards others - people and animals.

Olivia and Casey
Olivia with Casey in the pasture.
(Taken on October 23, 2007.)

2. They enjoy helping in the kitchen and trying new recipes.

Sophia Layering the Lasagna
Sophia learning how to make lasagna.
(Taken on April 27, 2012.)

3. They creatively express themselves in different ways - through music and the visual arts.

Dad Watching Sophia Play the Harp
Sophia playing the harp for Papa.
(Taken on November 27, 2011.)

Olivia Doing Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting
Olivia doing wet-on-wet watercolor painting.
(Taken on January 30, 2008.)

4. They enjoy reading and like to have books read to them.

Sophia Reading in Loaner Minivan
Sophia reading in a rental mini-van
while the car was getting repaired.
(Taken on June 11, 2011.)

5. They are full of personality.

Olivia in Curlers
Olivia in curlers for Halloween.
She was a forest fairy that year and wanted curly hair.
(Taken on October 31, 2007.)

6. They can carry on an interesting conversation with anyone of any age.

Visiting Seniors
Sophia showing Eenie (the cat) to residents
at St. Therese nursing home. 
She and Olivia  talked with and listened to the residents 
as they shared stories with them.
This is in the Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia unit.
(Taken on November 12, 2011.)

7. If they set their minds on wanting to do or learn something, they will persist until they accomplish it.

Olivia Needlefelting a Valentine's Day Heart
Olivia wanted to learn how to do needlefelting
since that was something she watched me do.
(Taken on January 25, 2008.)

8. They love holidays and special family traditions.

Girls by the Leprechaun Trap
The girls by the leprechaun trap they made.
(Taken on March 16, 2009.)

9. They have active imaginations and enjoy playing.

Olivia in Purple Tutu and Pink Hat Jumping
Olivia in one of the costumes she put together.
She was jumping and dancing in it.
(Taken on November 10, 2007.)

Sophia Hanging Upside Down on the Rings
Sophia upside down on the rings in the backyard.
(Taken on June 1, 2008.)

10. They are beautiful girls who are confident about who they are and what they like.

Love Mosaic
(Taken on February 7, 2008.)


jennifer zuna said...

Your daughters are beautiful! And it sounds like they are growing up to be amazing people =]

Nicole GF said...

I love the imagination and creativity of children! It's just one aspect of their individualism.

Ann said...

Your daughters are so pretty.

Shayla Burks said...

great photos :)

Anna Murphy said...

Just beautiful. You've been such a good mom to them.

Rita said...

They are interesting, beautiful, curious, helpful, loving, kind, young women! You should all be proud. :):)

What Remains Now said...

What a beautiful post...a tribute to beautiful girls.