Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changing How Puppy & Kitten Mills Operate

Minnesota is one of the top ten states with no laws to license, inspect, and regulate large-scale puppy and kitten commercial breeding facilities to ensure high standards or quality conditions. New legislation, H.F. 388/S.F. 384 has the potential to change that.

According to Animal Folks MN, "The problem is inhumane dog and cat breeding practices in Minnesota by unscrupulous or negligent breeders, and a lack of oversight of this industry.

"Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the United States, with some of the largest breeding kennels in the nation — housing 200, 500, or over 1,000 more dogs and puppies. Kittens are also mass-produced in Minnesota. Dog and cat breeders are located in all areas of the State."

Animal Folks MN describes the substandard and deplorable conditions that the adult dogs and cats live in. Conditions, such as the ones described on their website, can get that way because of increased use of the Internet. The Internet enables breeders to easily hide the conditions of the animals and cages.

Under the new law, breeders will be required to:

- Obtain an annual license after inspection.

- Document and report the number of animals living at the facility, number of animals sold, given away, and deceased each year.

- Report prior prosecution for animal cruelty.

- Provide a safe exercise, housing, and breeding environment for animals.

- Must adhere to all animal welfare laws or face penalties.

I'm surprised this law hasn't been enacted yet. To me, it just makes common sense to want to ensure that all living creatures are cared for and not subjected to unhealthy, inhabitable, and cruel living conditions and treatment.

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What Remains Now said...

I hope the legislation passes. Within the last couple years, I've had two people I know purchase from puppy mills. They didn't even know what a puppy mill is. I learned about them on Oprah. We can do better.