Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 - Art Every Day Month

Today marks the third day that I'm creating something every day during November as part of the Art Every Day Month challenge.  As soon as I finish some more orders tomorrow, I'm going to start creating new items for the holidays. 

Olivia and I went through my files of ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and some of the special holidays we celebrate in between - like St. Lucia Day and Las Posadas).  I enjoyed seeing what she selected as projects that she wants to do - some are new ones, but others are ones that we do each year. 

There is something comforting for her about repeating activities each year.  As she looked at some of the ideas, it was fun to listen to what she remembers about each family tradition and activity. 

Today I created more stars.  These are images that I took from my shop.  I'm going to upload the pictures of the stars I created by the weekend.  I always like to see new combinations of stars that customers order.

Here are two stars that I created today:

I like the purple and white stars together.  The other color I think would look nice with these two stars is cobalt blue.  The trio of colors would be good to use after the holidays - to celebrate winter and the beginning of a new year.

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