Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Nature Journal Entries

April went by so quickly! I only did one nature journal entry this month. The focus was on wrens since they have returned to our backyard. I heard the first wren singing on April 29th this year.

Wren singing in the backyard.

Each morning I wake up to their beautiful song. Every time I hear a wren sing, it reminds me of growing up. Dad put a wren house under the deck by Mary's room. Each morning ,around 5:30 a.m., the wren would begin singing.

Dad and I - early risers as we were - loved waking up to the wrens singing. It was such a happy start to the day. Mary wanted the wren to be quiet.

Found out that both males and females sing. Males sing 9-11 times per minute during breeding season. The songs typically have 12-16 recognizable syllables.

A wren weighs as much as two quarters. It is a fierce competitor for nest holes, despite its size.

Wrens like to eat insects and spiders, including beetles and caterpillars.

They like to pile twigs into nesting cavities. This protects them from predators and the cold.

Their clutch size is 3-10 eggs.

They will have 1-2 broods. The brood pictured below is a second one since the photo was taken in July. The first brood would have been in May or June.

This is my nature journal entry for April:

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