Saturday, November 23, 2013

Miniature Thank You Cards - Art Every Day Month - Day 23

Today I started going through some "to do" bags I have in my closet. There are quite a few projects that I have in progress...just need to make some time to complete them.

So, first on the list were 11 sets of thank you cards. The cards were folded and the front decorative paper already glued on.

I just needed to cut the white pieces of paper, hand-stamp them, and then affix them onto the card using a three-dimensional foam piece between the white and decorative papers.

I'm going to start uploading them into my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand. It seems like around the holidays there is an increased need for thank you cards.

These little 3"x 3" cards that are blank on the inside make just the right size for a quick thank you note.

I'm happy to have all these sets of cards done. Now, I think I'll move onto embroidery.

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Rita said...

Oh, I love these! Really cute! And a great way to use up scrap papers, too. :)