Sunday, November 3, 2013

Creative Every Day - Trio of White Window Stars - Day 3

Today I created a trio of white window stars for a person who asked me if I could create a special order for her through my Etsy shop, Harvest Moon by Hand. Since it involves creating, it also is my third day entry for the Creative Every Day challenge.

The stars are made from German kite paper. It's like a wax paper, except it comes in a variety of colors - including white.

This type of paper is more sturdy to work with and is more durable than tissue paper. It stands up to multiple folding and refolding that is required when making the stars.

There are ten points to each of the stars. Each point is folded six times, so there are 60 folds needed to make the pattern of each window star.

It amazes me how much the angle of the sun can change the look of the window stars. Depending on the brightness, sometimes it is easy to see the pattern of the stars revealed, and other times the outer shape of the star seems more prevalent.

This was a fun challenge to do. The customer asked if I could create the pattern she liked in three different sizes. Sometimes this is possible, and other times it isn't. Luckily, in this case, the stars all worked out with the paper sizes I chose.

I like how the stars look together - in all the same pattern but of varying sizes. Perhaps this is the start of more star trios in different sizes!

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Rita said...

She should just love these. :)