Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monthly Journal for Tweens and Teens

This month for the journal page that Sophia and Olivia are keeping, I found a pin that led to a cute "My To Do List" page on Adventures in Guided Journaling.

The page is designed for youth and it focuses on two important things that need to be done on a particular day. In Sophia's case her important things were playing the harp and taking care of the horses.

The page also focuses on what the girls like about the town and road they live on. Sophia said she likes the privacy versus living in the city. Olivia said she likes that our town is big and small.

As for the particular road we live on, Sophia likes that there aren't a lot of cars and Olivia likes that it is quiet.

Olivia's journal page for April. 
(She actually completed it in May...the month went by so quickly for her.)

On the "lightening round" section of the page, the girls had to choose what best described them between two opposite or different words.

Sophia's completed journal page for April.

The last section I like because it asks about a child's strength, something she needs assistance with, and something she can help someone else do.

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