Tuesday, April 29, 2014

File Purging

Since March 5th, I've been working on the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. Although the challenge finished last week right before Easter, I'm continuing with a new challenge: 35 Bags in 35 Days which will take me to Memorial Day.

The main focus for this round is working on my files (personal and homeschooling), the outside buildings (e.g., hobby shed, barn, shed that holds the mower), and Olivia's room.

So, for the first part of the decluttering, I'm focusing on the file purging. I have 14 file drawers that are in my home office. My goal is to clear out at least half the contents of each drawer so that more space is created.

I'm using a pin on Pinterest that I found that linked to an image on Storables that has tips for purging papers.

Of course, there are a lot more items that don't fit into these categories that I'm having to make decisions about, but certainly the above list is helpful in knowing what to keep (and for how long) and what to shred.

Before and after cleaning one file drawer. 
This one had homeschooling resources so it went a lot quicker than 
the file drawers with personal/legal documents.

I have been happy with my progress so far even though it is taking a lot longer than anticipated.

I had quite a bit to haul to the recycling and trash bins
after going through my files. 
The couch cushions and cover (pictured in the photograph on the right)
also were thrown in the trash since they were damaged by water from an ice dam. 
We're finally getting rid of the couch which frees up even more space.

As I go through the homeschooling files, I realize that there are so many great ideas for activities and lessons that we could be learning about new things for years.

Sophia, Olivia, and I talked about going through the files alphabetically next year - file by file - and reading and doing the activities in each one. When we are done with each file, it is recycled and we move onto the next one. In that way, we are learning but also cleaning and letting go of things we no longer need. Eventually, fewer file drawers and file cabinets will be needed creating yet more space.

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Rita said...

OMGosh! I know the feeling! I have a stack on my desk right now that has never been filed in the first place and my files are packed, too. Another project I will have to get around to. Congrats on taking a huge bite out of yours!! :)