Saturday, January 25, 2014

Two Dimensional - LEGO Quest #4

This week's LEGO challenge on LEGO Quest Kids is to create a two-dimensional design.

Olivia's two-dimensional house that she made from 
LEGO bricks in blue, red, white, yellow, black, green, and grey.

Two dimensions is having only the dimensions of height and width, like a square. Three dimensions is having height, width, and depth, like a cube.

The description on LEGO Quest Kids said, "A two-dimensional design can be almost anything. It can be a representation of an object, a piece of artwork (realistic or abstract), a mosaic, a color study, or a picture from your favorite book.

"The idea is to keep it flat. Pretend like you are drawing or painting or taking a photograph, but try to create it out of LEGO. Have fun, only play along if you feel inspired!"

With those directions in mind, Olivia thought about what she wanted to represent in two-dimensional form. Because she often builds homes and other structures in three dimensions with LEGO bricks, she wanted to do a flat representation of a house.

She said it was harder than she thought it would be because it's like doing a puzzle: there are only certain sizes that she has of the flat bricks, so her  color palette and number of bricks within each color was limited.

There are different shades of white and blue LEGO bricks
Olivia discovered as she was creating her two-dimensional design.

Nonetheless, she was happy to create something new; and liked doing a different project than she would have ever done on her own.

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