Friday, January 31, 2014

Celebrating Chinese New Year

For Chinese New Year this year, we did a couple of special things. Sophia, Olivia, and I went out to lunch at China Panda. The food was so good and there was plenty for more than one meal.

Olivia and Sophia at China Panda for lunch.

Earlier in the day, we volunteered at the nursing home and did a 'Round the Radio activity with the seniors. While they were listening to old-time radio programs like "Charlie is Broke" (an episode on Barrel of Fun) and "The Skunk Must Go" (an episode of Father Knows Best), some of the seniors colored a picture that was for Chinese New Year (January 31, 2014).

John and Olivia coloring together.

I saw a pin on Pinterest of a horse that had lots of lines through it. Each of the little sections could be colored a different color to result in a colorful horse in celebration of the New Year.

The image came from The Imagination Box.

Annabelle  coloring the horse picture for Chinese New Year.

My birth year corresponds to the Year of the Horse, so I was interested in reading what the description is for people who also fall under the Chinese sign of the Horse.  I found a pin that led to Behance that described Horse people:

For those not born in the Year of the Horse, I found a chart from Coconut Head Survival Guide that lists the other signs and the corresponding years:

The pin that leads to that site also has a lot of great links to recipes and crafts for celebrating Chinese New Year. In future years, this would be a great reference.

So, although we may not have celebrated Chinese New Year in a traditional sense, it was a meaningful way for us to celebrate the holiday. In many ways, it reflects what we value and want to strive for in 2014: caring and compassion with others; and the closeness of family.

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