Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar - Art Every Day Month - Day 15

The Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar is finished! It took two days to complete - November 14th and 15th.
The finished Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar.

On the 14th, I selected and ironed fabric I had on hand. I chose oranges, tans, and browns since I only one Thanksgiving-theme fabric. I also created a pattern for the pocket and background; and then cut out all the backgrounds from fabric and ironed them once again.

On the 15th, I cut out 13 circles from a light-tan wool felt, and hand-embroidered numbers on 12 of them and the word "Thanksgiving" on one of them.

The felt circles are pockets that open at the top.
Each has a hand-embroidered number on it.

Next, I sewed the felt pockets onto one side of the fabric background. After that, I pinned the right sides of the fabric together and sewed along the edges. After clipping the two points, I turned the fabric backgrounds inside out and ironed them again.Then I clipped off all the loose threads.

Next, I ironed a piece of orange bias tape. Leaving ten inches at one end, I pinned on fabric backgrounds. There are two backgrounds without pockets; the 13 with felt pockets; and then two more without pockets. 

Backgrounds pinned to the bias tape.

There is one inch between each fabric background, so they are equally spaced. I had to add some more bias tape from another package near the end because the Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar is over nine feet long.

Two of the fabric backgrounds with felt pockets.

I sewed along the edge of the bias tape - from one end to the other - so the entire tape was sewn closed.

Sewing along the edge of the bias tape.

Sophia and Olivia held up the Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar and it is much longer than I anticipated. It is longer than the staircase where we hang the Advent Calendar. 

So, on Saturday (the first day of the countdown) we will find a place in our home where the pockets are easily accessible for the girls to pull out the piece of paper with the activity, recipe, joke, and gratitude quote of the day. 

A segment of the Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar.

It also has to be high enough so Cooper can't reach it and pull it down. 

The final day of the calendar is Thanksgiving.

After all that work, the last thing I want to see is the puppy dragging the Countdown Calendar round and using it as a chew toy.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You did a fantastic job with the calendar. Very impressive, especially the numbers. Had to laugh about the puppy, though. Oh the joys of owning a pet!