Saturday, November 2, 2013

Creative Every Day - Leaf Coasters - Day 2

For the second day of the Creative Every Day challenge, I decided that I would continue to look at my Pinterest boards and choose one project each day that I pinned and want to do. There's no point of pinning ideas if I'm not going to try them.

So, I chose this pin of wool felt coasters in a leaf shape that were created by Lil Fish Studios. Instead of using the shape shown on the pin, I went outside and picked a variety of leaves that had fallen from the trees.

When I bought them inside, I placed a mug on each one. One leaf was large and wide enough for a mug to rest on top of it. Next, I traced the leaf onto notebook paper and then it out.

Leaf and pattern.

I chose three different colors of wool felt - two are plant-dyed wool that are relatively thick (the green and yellow). The red wool felt is thinner and not plant-dyed.

The green and yellow wool felt are plant-dyed and 
a thicker wool compared to the red wool felt.

After tracing the pattern onto the wool and cutting out the pieces, I embroidered one leaf shape for each coaster. Using a simple back stitch, I tried to create the look of leaf veins.

Close-up of back- and blanket-stitches. 

Last, I put two pieces together and back stitched them together.

The finished set of coasters.

Now we have a new set of coasters to use with meals.

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Rita said...

Oh, these are so cute! I love leaves. :)