Thursday, October 25, 2012

Embroidery Journal Project - October

During October, I made another quilt square for the Embroidery Journal Project. Each of the cotton-fabric squares is 12" x 12" and features different images that represent the major activities of the month.

This month I chose to focus on Halloween and fall activities since that was how we spent a good portion of the month. 

The highlight of the month was doing the 13-day Countdown to Halloween. Each day we focused on a different theme, such as owls, witches, pumpkins, and ghosts.

This image combined two themes of the countdown:
owls and witches. 
The hat is blue because Sophia's witch costume this year
included a blue hat.

In addition to the countdown, the girls enjoyed carving pumpkins twice. One time was at home as we do each year, and the other was at the 4-H club meeting where the youth carved pumpkins that were for a nursing home.

Sophia, Olivia, and I - along with another family - delivered and set-up the pumpkins in the different courtyards at the nursing home. The staff and residents seemed so happy to see the pumpkins again this year. (The 4-H club has been doing this for a number of year now, and we have volunteered for three years to deliver and set them up.)

The images of the moon on the embroidered quilt square remind me of the beautiful full moon on Halloween night. The clouds were slowly moving in front and to the side of the moon giving an eerie look to the sky. Yet, the beauty of the moon shining so brightly reminded Olivia of the full moon we saw in September 2011 when we came out of a restaurant with friends in Boston (this was as part of a trip to New England).

Only two more quilt squares left for 2012 and I will have completed 12 for a quilt that I'll make during 2013. It will be a nice reminder of the positive things that happened and fun memories we created during 2012.

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Such cute owls! :)